Minesweeper is a classic board game for computer. This minesweeper program on tinyprogs.com can be played online from any modern browser. You can start playing right now by clicking a cell on the above field!

Basic Rules

You start on a mine-field. If you step on a mine, it explodes. Your task is to find all the mines on the field, without explosion.

Start by clicking on a cell! If the cell does not have a mine, the cell display changes into a number. This number shows, how many mines are on the neighboring cells. You should use these information on how to go further on the mine-field.

Should you be lucky, there are no mines are in the neighboring cells. In this case the program automatically reveals the neighbouring calls, as it is sure that there's no mine in them.

If you are sure, that a cell is not a mine, click on it! If you are sure, that it is a mine, put a flag on it! This flag will indicate you, that there is a mine in this cell. You can put a flag with right mouse-click (on computer) or with long tap (on touchscreens, mobiles)

Always going one step ahead, try to reveal the whole mine-filed!Should you find all the mines without exploding, you win!