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Tower of Hanoi is a classic mathematical game. On the left you have different sized discs on a pole, the largest is on the bottom, and the smallest one is on the top. The goal of the game is to move all of the disks to the third pole, with the help of the second one.

The main rule is, that you can not put a bigger disk on a smaller one. You have to put a disk on either an emty pole, or on top of a larger disk.

Main features

For Start, click on the left column/pole! At a later stage of the game, you can click on any column, which contains disc(s). The disk will move above the pole. Now if you hover over the poles, the area around a pole will turn green-ish, if you can put down the disk. If you cannot put it down, because you tried to put a bigger disk on a smaller one, the area will turn red-ish. Should you click on a green one, the disk would be put down. If you clicked on a red one, the disk would move above the selected pole, but would remain above it. You have to move it to another column to put it down. If you managed to put down a disk, try to click on another pole, to move all discs to the last column!

You can keep track in the top-left corner, how much time passed since start, and how many moves you used. Only the putdown-s are counted, because lifting up and putting down constitutes a single move.


You can change the difficulty of the game between 2 and 8 discs with the settings button in the top-right corner. Matematically can be proven, that for n discs you need 2n-1 steps to move all disks to the last pole. This means that for 8 disc you need 255 steps. Here is the required steps for each disc-count:

Number of discs Number of steps